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Certified Civil Trial Attorneys

John M. Vlasac, Jr.
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"When someone is injured or financially wronged not only do they deserve to win they must win. So it’s simple, that’s what we do, everyday for them and their families!"
– John M. Vlasac, Jr.

Practice Areas

Are you in need of a law firm that will go to trial on your case? At Vlasac & Cassidy Law LLC, we have won millions of dollars for personal injury, worker's compensation, employment litigation, and commercial litigation clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The practice areas we focus on are:

Auto Accidents

We have won millions of dollars for our clients. Our lawyers level the playing field between you and the insurance company. When we represent you, an auto accident victim, our lawyers have vast resources to invest in medical experts, technical experts, engineers, legal research, discovery, and anything else our team feels is necessary to bring about the best result in your car accident case.

Premises Liability / Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe and warn visitors of potential hazards. Should they fail to do so, and someone injures him or herself on the property, the owner is legally responsible for compensating the victim for injury-related expenses. These can include medical bills, loss of income or earning capacity while injured, and pain and suffering.

Construction Accidents

Each litigation attorney at our firm knows that construction is difficult work, at best. The level of physical difficulty coupled with the mental stress of maintaining a steady forward pace while meeting the necessary building standards for any project can be daunting. When an accident occurs that threatens to destabilize the day to day life of someone involved in construction — because of physical stress, pressure to return to work too quickly, lost wages for medical issues, or any other related issues —the future begins to look bleak.

Workplace Accidents

Employers have a responsibility to their employees to maintain a safe working environment free of hazards. If they breach standard safety protocol or negligently ignore hazardous situations and an employee injures him or herself, the employer can be held liable.

Medical Malpractice

Patients place an incredible amount of trust in doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel to provide quality medical care. When these professionals breach that trust by acting in a way that harms the patient, the effects can be catastrophic, and the negligent healthcare professional can be held legally and financially accountable for the patient’s injuries.

Dog Bites

The injuries caused by dog bites can be severe which makes the need for legal representation of an experienced New Jersey dog bite lawyer necessary. There are approximately 75 million dogs owned by residents of the United States, and the cost associated with dog bites and dog attacks is estimated to be about a billion dollars each year.

Trucking/Bus Accidents

If you have been involved in a truck accident and suffered damages for which you deserve compensation, an attorney from the law offices of Vlasac and Cassidy can help. Our lawyers sympathize with your situation, yet have the persistence and determination to fight for your rights. The legal system can be complex, especially when powerful insurance companies are involved. That is why you need a knowledgeable and competent attorney on your side.

Wrongful Death

Words often fail to adequately describe the tragedy of losing a loved one, especially when the death could have been prevented. It is agonizing to accept a death that was caused by the negligence of another person, because it is accompanied by a strong sense of injustice. Legal action is always an option; we help surviving relatives file wrongful death lawsuits and recover financial damages from the responsible party.

Employee Relations and Workplace Counseling

The Labor and Employment Department at Vlasac and Cassidy handles issues related to
employee relations and workplace counseling and provide counseling business on an
array of issues.

Employment Litigation

The modern workplace is highly regulated by the state and federal government to ensure their employees are being treated with fairness and respect. Employers who are not vigilant in complying with these laws risk being sued. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, in a school, or in a diner, you are entitled to rights under NJ State Employment law.

Class Action Attorneys

Our firm is dedicated to aggressively protecting the interests of individuals and groups who have been harmed by large corporations or businesses. Our team of class action attorneys are vigorous, innovative advocates who have dedicated their practice to complex litigation involving personal injury, environmental, and employment class action lawsuits.

Recent Case Results

$ 103M

Class Action

$ 15M

Site Accident

$ 6.95M

Truck Accident

$ 4.35M

Motor Vehicle

Our Attorneys

John M. Vlasac, Jr. Esq.


Mr. Vlasac has won millions of dollars for his clients as an established and aggressive trial attorney who has handled personal injury and other civil matters in virtually every county in New Jersey. He is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney, a designation achieved by only 2% of all practicing attorneys in New Jersey.

David E. Cassidy, Esq.


David has extensive experience representing management in labor and employment matters and prides himself on responsiveness and the ability to handle complex labor and employment matters. Dave’s practice focuses on representing and counseling employers on a wide range of labor and employment matters, including claims under federal, state, and local employment discrimination laws, the National Labor Relations Act, and employment class actions.

James (Jamie) W. Sutton, III, Esq.

(Of Counsel)

He has litigated many catastrophic fatality cases throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey and has obtained multiple Plaintiffs’ verdicts and settlements recently, which total multiple millions of dollars.

Stavros E. Sitinas, Esq.

(Of Counsel)

Stavros E. Sitinas has been a practicing attorney for over 17 years, focusing exclusively on plaintiff’s personal injury and medical malpractice litigation. He founded the law firm of Stavros E. Sitinas, LLC, in 2010.