Employee Relations and Workplace Counseling

Employee Relations and Workplace Counseling

The Labor and Employment Department at Vlasac and Cassidy handles issues related to employee relations and workplace counseling. Services provided include counseling business on an array of issues including:

  • Labor and employee relations
  • Corporate and workplace compliance
  • Full audit and update of corporate procedures and employment policies
  • Employment litigation
  • Privacy issues, trade secrets, and business competition
  • Wage and hour compliance

Our capable and experienced attorneys create and advise businesses with establishing:

  • Employee handbooks and manuals
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance and termination forms
  • Arbitration policies
  • Nondisclosure and non-compete agreements

Vlasac and Cassidy LLC also provides businesses with a variety of training programs to ensure safety and security in the corporate environment, including:

  • Anti-harassment training
  • Human Relations training
  • Anti-discrimination training