Construction Accidents

Each litigation attorney at Vlasac & Cassidy, knows that construction is difficult work, at best. The level of physical difficulty coupled with the mental stress of maintaining a steady forward pace while meeting the necessary building standards for any project can be daunting. When an accident occurs that threatens to destabilize the day to day life of someone involved in construction — because of physical stress, pressure to return to work too quickly, lost wages for medical issues, or any other related issues —the future begins to look bleak.

If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, contact the multilingual attorneys of Vlasac & Cassidy, LLC, located in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, for more information. Offering free case reviews, we’ll advise you on your best options for recovering financial compensation for your injury-related expenses.

A litigation lawyer should be a person with an approach that will inspire confidence that the goals of regaining a stable and enjoyable life without the added frustrations caused by a construction accident are reachable. This means that dealing with construction companies and insurance companies will likely come into play and that a construction accident attorney with the knowledge and experience to deal forcefully and capably on such major playing fields will be essential to the building and presentation of a solid, persuasive case.