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Vlasac and Cassidy, LLC is dedicated to aggressively protecting the interests of individuals and groups who have been harmed by large corporations or businesses. Our team of class action attorneys are vigorous, innovative advocates who have dedicated their practice to complex litigation involving personal injury, environmental, and employment class action lawsuits.   

About Class Action Lawsuits

When large corporations, businesses, religious or other entities abuse their size, resources, and power, class actions make it possible to hold them accountable for their actions. A class action lawsuit allows groups of people with identical interests in an alleged wrong to pursue claims that may not be big enough to pursue in separate, individual lawsuits. Class actions can involve hundreds, thousands, or millions of plaintiffs who have comparable claims or the same grievance against a common defendant.

Navigating a class action lawsuit is a complicated process for anyone without legal expertise. A class action attorney with extensive experience in class action litigation and proven trial experience can help you determine how to proceed.  

Employment Class Action Lawsuits

In the context of employment, class actions are utilized when employees or job applicants are subjected to discriminatory practices or unlawful behaviors in the workplace. These include violations of state and federal laws such as, labor exploitation and workplace discrimination based on gender, race, sex, age, immigration status, criminal history, or a membership of another protected class. Our team of employment class action attorneys prosecute cases involving the following:

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

  • Income losses caused by unlawful terminations
  • Hiring discrimination based on criminal records or credit history
  • Failure to promote or provide equal pay based on gender or race
  • Failure to provide a suitable work environment for disabled workers
  • Repeated sexual harassment and advances towards workers

Unlawful Wage & Hour Violations

  • Wage theft (minimum wage and overtime compensation)
  • Unlawful deductions from wages, tip theft, misappropriated service charges
  • Failure to provide meal and rest breaks
  • Time shaving and off-the-clock practices (not paying workers for all time worked)
  • Misclassifying employees as exempt employees or independent contractors
  • Unpaid interns

If you have lost wages or employment opportunities due to a systemic employer practice and you believe others have been similarly harmed, our team of class action lawyers may be able to assist. 

Representative Class Action Cases

US Metals Refining Company Liable for Exposing Toxic and Hazardous Substances – Environmental class action lawsuit alleges that a large group of plaintiffs were all injured due to chemical hazards released by the US Metals Refining Company.

Goya Truck Drivers Unpaid Wages Class Action Lawsuit – Class action lawsuit alleging that Goya Foods cheated its Drivers (a/k/a “Owner-Operators”) out of compensation by misclassifying them as independent contractors when they are operating as employees.

Middlesex County Water and 3M Corporation Responsible for Water Contamination – Class action lawsuit alleging Middlesex Water and 3M Corporation, failed to comply with state and federal safe drinking water standards. Woodbridge, Carteret, Metuchen, Edison, Clark and South Plainfield, filed a class action lawsuit against Middlesex County Water and 3M Corporation alleging contaminated groundwater with high levels of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA).

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