Workplace Accidents

Fighting for Your Benefits after an On-the-Job Accident

Employers have a responsibility to their employees to maintain a safe working environment free of hazards. If they breach standard safety protocol or negligently ignore hazardous situations and an employee injures him or herself, the employer can be held liable. Workplace accident litigation is challenging, so it takes an exceptional legal team to handle these claims. John Vlasac and Cassidy have the skill and experience necessary to successfully handle workplace injury cases on behalf of injured victims. Contact our workplace accident attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to schedule a free consultation.

About Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries include any injury or illness that arises from performing a job-related duty. Accidents in the workplace are frequently caused by unsafe conditions (e.g., defective equipment, exposure to hazardous chemicals, or unsafe premises) and from performing the same repetitive or strenuous movements, such as the heavy lifting associated with construction work. Other common causes of workplace accidents include untrained, reckless, or negligent employees (or supervisors) who ignore safety guidelines.

Examples of on-the-job injuries include:

  • Falling from a ladder or scaffolding and suffering a head, neck, or spinal cord injury
  • A burn injury as the result of contact with a toxic chemical
  • Fracturing a bone while working with a heavy piece of equipment
  • Paralysis from a slip-and-fall accident in an unsafe working environment
  • Developing mesothelioma from extended exposure to asbestos
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on an keyboard without proper ergonomic protection

How Our Workplace Accident Attorneys Can Help

According to federal law, employers are required to provide worker’s compensation benefits to employees injured in a workplace accident. These benefits allow the victim to recover and heal from his or her injury and alleviate the financial pressures created by medical bills and temporary loss of income. However, the process of filing for and obtaining the appropriate amount of benefits is not always straightforward; certain employees may run into obstacles while pursuing the compensation to which they are entitled. The paperwork is complicated, and some insurance companies try their best to avoid paying out claims.

If you have questions about filing for worker’s compensation benefits, Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), Federal Workers Compensation Act (FECA) or your claim has been unfairly denied or ignored, our workplace accident attorneys can help. With extensive knowledge of the applicable laws and guidelines for obtaining workers’ compensation, FELA and FECA benefits, we will fight on your behalf for the benefits you are owed – allowing you to concentrate on your recovery. Timeliness is important in workplace accident cases, so it’s critical to contact our legal team as soon as possible after the incident.

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