Dog Bites

The injuries caused by dog bites can be severe which makes the need for legal representation of an experienced New Jersey dog bite lawyer necessary. There are approximately 75 million dogs owned by residents of the United States, and the cost associated with dog bites and dog attacks is estimated to be about a billion dollars each year.

Quite frequently, dog bite lawsuits occur because many victims bitten by dogs suffer lacerations, disfigurement and tissue damage. Being that people don’t expect dog to bite them or their guests make the victims almost defenseless during attacks. Dogs bite unsuspecting victims at the face and neck that can result in serious injuries. These injuries can result in scars which leave the victims mentally injured long after the physical pain subsides. The physical and psychological pain and suffering, including the costs of medical bills resulting from dog bite injuries can be a heavy burden for the victims to bear.

The dog bite law in the state of New Jersey is subject to strict liability legal principle, which means that an animal doesn’t get the privilege of “one free bite” in the state. Regardless of the previous viciousness of a dog, the owner of the dog that bites a person shall be held liable for the victim’s injuries if the person bitten is in a public place or lawfully in a private place during the attack.

If a dog bites you, a family member or friend, you need the legal representation of an experienced New Jersey dog bite lawyer to help you in filing a compensation lawsuit against the insurance provider of the dog owner. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your lost wages, medical expenses, scars, pain and suffering.

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