Associate Yelena Kofman-Delgado, Esq. Secures $180K Settlement

This week, Associate Attorney Kofman-Delgado, Esq. was able to secure a $180,000 settlement for our client who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Our client was a 31-year-old male who was a rear seat passenger of a friend’s vehicle when it was struck by a negligent driver who let his vehicle veer into the lane of oncoming traffic. The defendant collided with a total of three vehicles, bringing about a number of plaintiffs, all of whom sustained injuries.

Our client sustained a multitude of injuries, including a concussion, hand and ankle sprains, pelvic fracture, disc bulges, and multiple abrasions and contusions.

Mrs. Kofman-Delgado, Esq. was able to diligently bring this matter to a close against the defendant driver, securing our client the highest settlement of all the plaintiffs. The attorneys at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC are focused on bringing the best possible result to our clients.

Associate Attorney Yelena Kofman-Delgado, Esq.