Boris Shmaruk, Esq. obtained a $800,000.00 settlement for injured client

On October 22, 2015, Boris Shmaruk, Esq. obtained a $800,000.00 settlement for a client that sustained multiple injuries after a motor vehicle accident in Bergen County. The plaintiff, a truck driver, while making a delivery in the course of his employment, was cut-off by a vehicle causing a collision. The plaintiff sustained multiple injuries that required surgery but, unfortunately, the vehicle that struck the plaintiff lacked adequate insurance coverage to cover the plaintiff’s losses. However, Boris Shmaruk was able to secure the $800,000.00 settlement before trial by litigating the case against the plaintiffs employer’s trucking insurance policy. The insurance company argued that the insurance policy language in the employer’s trucking policy prevented coverage for the plaintiff in this particular case and  that the that the plaintiff’s injuries were all pre-existing. Nevertheless, after a long battle and fending off a motion to dismiss, a victory was secured and the plaintiff was full compensated for his injuries.