Partner Boris Shmaruk Settles Cases for a Combined $510,000.00

In the first case, our client, a 70-year-old man, was stuck by a motor vehicle while walking in a crosswalk and sustained a leg fracture that required surgical intervention. The defense contested the case by vigorously arguing that our client was wearing dark clothes and was not walking in the clearly defined lines of the cross walk. Despite the defense’s attempts to discredit our client, the matter settled for $285,000.00 which was virtually all the defendant’s allotted liability insurance coverage.

In the second case, our client, a 57-year-old woman, slipped and fell on a wet surface in a supermarket in Paterson, NJ and sustained a shoulder injury requiring surgical intervention. The defense argued that there were yellow cones and do not enter signs set up in the area in which our client fell. Nevertheless, the matter settled on the first day of trial for $225,000.00

Partner Boris Shmaruk, Esq.