Partner James W. Sutton, III achieved a $1,982,000.00 settlement on behalf of client

James W. Sutton, III recently settled a motor vehicle accident case for his client for $1,982,000.00. The automobile accident occurred on December 13, 2009 in Bergen County, New Jersey. The weather conditions were slippery and initially the Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck in the rear by a car being driven by one of the defendants. Then, while stopped on the shoulder of the road, the Plaintiff claimed her vehicle was struck by two additional motor vehicles.

The Plaintiff was diagnosed at the Emergency Room with a small lumbar PARS fracture, which may have been pre-existing, but had not been problematic until the collisions. She underwent three separate spinal fusion surgeries in an attempt to reduce her back pain. Unfortunately, the surgeries were not successful and her pain continued. The Plaintiff was 30 years of age at the time of the accident and represents she has ongoing pain as a result of the collisions.

This was a very complicated matter, involving three separate collisions, limited property damage photos, and very complicated medical issues. The client is extremely happy with the outcome and the recovery Mr. Sutton obtained for her.