Partner, James W. Sutton, III, Esq. achieved a $775,000.00 Arbitration Award for Medical Negligence Matter

Congratulations to partner James W. Sutton, III, Esq. after obtaining a binding arbitration award in the amount of $775,000.00, for his client, the victim of a medical negligence matter involving an orthopedic surgeon’s failure to properly set a tibia fracture. The plaintiff, Mr. Christie, was a Bensalem Police Detective who slipped and fell on snow and ice. Plaintiff alleged the defendant doctor incorrectly set Mr. Christie’s left tibia fracture, which ultimately lead to two subsequent surgeries. Plaintiff’s experts took the position that there were multiple signs that the leg fracture was not aligned properly and the defendant negligently ordered continued physical therapy and weight bearing exercises. Mr. Christie’s subsequent surgeries were performed by a different orthopedic surgeon. The subsequent surgery was extremely complicated because Mr. Christie’s leg had healed in a misaligned state, leaving Mr. Christie with permanent nerve damage in his left ankle and foot.