Settled on the First Day of Trial

Partner Boris Shmaruk successfully settled a motor vehicle accident case before Judge John O’Dwyer in Bergen County Superior Court for  $200,000 on behalf of our very deserving client. Our client sustained injuries to his shoulder and spine and the insurance company claimed that our client could not have possibly sustained these injuries while operating his car between 5-10 miles an hour in rush hour traffic with little physical damage done to his vehicle. The insurance company also alleged that our client was at fault for the accident by moving over into the defendant’s lane of travel. The settlement offers in this case were minimal but after pre-trial motions and the first day of jury selection, the insurance company finally caved and offered the appropriate amount of compensation for this case. The attorneys of Vlasac and Shmaruk continue to fight day in and day out to make sure our clients obtain full value for their devastating injuries. We diligently prepare each case as if it will go to trial and we must show the insurance companies that we will never back down from a fight!